Hotel for sale in the Spanish Aragonese pre-Pyrenees. A fully viable ongoing business.


A “posada” is like and inn. In the times of “Don Quixote”, people who traveled long distances would stop at a posada to relax, and eat a good meal.

It comes from the verb “posar” that means to rest, to stop on the way, to sit down on your “posaderas” (your butt).

El posadero or la posadera were the people in charge of the business, usually the owners of the posada.

Nowadays renovated posadas are a trend and an extraordinary way to enjoy rural tourism in Spain.


This historic hotel for sale is located in an 18th-century building in the medieval city of Uncastillo, in the heart of the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees.

The cozy interior of the hotel combines traditional wood and stone details with contemporary design and the most modern facilities.

In addition to the hotel for sale, the building includes a home ready to move in and manage the business in situ .

The building is part of the protected center of the historic city of Uncastillo.

4 floors and housing included

10 rooms

Capacity up to 24 guests

Breakfast and dinner service



With great detail, the double rooms are designed to offer a quiet and relaxing experience.


  • Bath or shower
  • Double bed or 2 beds
  • Hair dryer
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Pillow menu
  • Host products
  • Piped music
  • Non-smoking
  • Room Service
  • TV
  • Desktop



For customers who like to look out on the balconies. The details and comfort of a double room with more light and better views.


  • Bath or shower
  • Double bed or 2 beds
  • Hair dryer
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Pillow menu
  • Host products
  • Piped music
  • Non-smoking
  • Room Service
  • TV
  • Desktop



The 2 suites are sybarite paradise: More space with living room and better views. Ideal for those who travel as a family.


  • Bath or shower
  • Double bed or 2 beds
  • Hair dryer
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Pillow menu
  • Host products
  • Piped music
  • Non-smoking
  • Room Service
  • TV
  • Desktop



Through a glazed hallway you access the common areas. These are articulated in a unique and wide space in which only the furniture separates the living area from the dining room (breakfast and dinner).


The dining room, with breakfast and dinner service for guests staying, has a capacity of 24 people. The adjoining kitchen has everything you need for this type of services.

In the living area, armchairs and sofa invite you to relax: conversation, reading, games, naps …


Corner with tables for games, library, shopping corner with local products and fireplace. The bar service completes the possibilities of all this relaxing space and very well valued by our customers.


A gentlemen / ladies bathroom completes the stay.



Work areas equipped for hotel management:

Fully equipped kitchen with professional extraction, cooling table, intelligent Rational oven, vacuum packaging, blast chiller, industrial dishwasher and all kinds of additional elements: professional deep fryer, automatic juice squeezer, slicer, professional toaster, induction cook top,…

Reception (front office): Located on the ground floor has a table to attend and another to work on the computer.

We have the back office located in the living room, which allows us to do an important part of the work from home without losing sight of what is happening in the hotel.

The area of ​​the ground floor called “Service Entrance” is actually a material store.

On the first floor we have a small office with everything you need for room service.

On the second floor, the ironing room also serves as an office for that floor.

On the third floor we have the washing / drying room and another office to serve the rooms of this floor.



The house occupies part of the 2nd and 3rd floors. The south orientation makes the luminosity the great protagonist.


On the second floor we have the living room, which is the center of everything and has a large glazed balcony that, apart from giving it an incredible luminosity, can be used with a small terrace in good weather. On the same floor is the kitchen, a bathroom and the small room.


Going up the interior stairs we access the double bedroom. Again the light floods everything and the views are stunning. It has its own bathroom.



The building in which the Posada de Uncastillo is located occupies a building at the confluence of 2 of the main streets of Uncastillo and a few meters from the Santa María Church. It is fully integrated into a Historic Artistic Site that has remained intact to this day.


Maintaining its exterior appearance, the interior renovation done in its day endowed it with all the needs. The thick stone walls, the wood of the carpentry and the bars of windows and balconies are the hallmark of the whole.


Check out the floorplans:


This hotel for sale is located in the town of Uncastillo, considered the best Romanesque complex of the twelfth century in Spain.


Uncastillo is next to Sos del Rey Católico, birthplace of King Fernando. Both are two of the most beautiful villages in Aragon. With a multitude of Romanesque churches, castles, walls, Jewish quarters and Renaissance buildings, these 2 impressive medieval ensembles are more than enough to justify a getaway to the Five Villas.

But that is not all, the cultural offer in this part of the Pre-Pyrenees is endless. Thus we can find countless castles and fortifications among which Loarre, Olite or Javier stand out. We also have monasteries such as Leyre or La Oliva. An extensive network of Juderías tells us about the Sephardic past in many villages.

Finally, the Roman past is manifested in the city of Los Bañales that still retains the hot springs and the aqueduct.


The Pre-Pyrenees is a land of contrasts, in a few kilometers we pass from the deserted Bardenas Reales Natural Park to the lush and mountainous Protected Landscape of the Sierra de Santo Domingo.

The ravines, the gullies and the impossible erosions are the protagonists of the most spectacular enclaves of Bardenas Reales such as El Rallón, Pisquerra, La Estroza, Castildeterra or Tripa Azul.

The Well of Pigalo, the Foz de Lumbier, the Mallos de Riglos or Puy Moné are some of the landmarks that mark the landscape of the Pre-Pyrenees full of forests, mid-mountain rivers, ridges and foces. And all in absolute solitude.

In short, a paradise to get lost practicing, among friends, as a couple or as a family, hiking, cycling and mountain biking.

More information on the possibilities of active tourism offered by the environment of our hotel for sale at www.rutasprepirineo.com


Another of the opportunities offered by this hotel for sale, the population of Uncastillo has the Congress and Meeting Center of San Miguel – La Lonja.


In medieval buildings such as the Lonja and the church of San Miguel we have all the current resources to host meetings of small groups looking for a special space to work and all kinds of activities and retreats.


Maximum scores on the main online portals as a result of the hard work of two decades

9.5 “Great plan”

4,7 “Excellent”

More then 70 reviews

5,0 “Excellent”

More than 300 reviews

TripAdvisor Excellence Certificate

9.6 “Exceptional”

More than 75 comments

Look what customers say about La Posada de Uncastillo about their experience in the hotel
Look what customers say about La Posada de Uncastillo about their experience in the hotel


Inma and Miguel, for them the time has come to pass the witness and they look for successors.

The hotel starts with 8 rooms

The hotel is expanded with 2 new suites reaching up to 10 rooms

Inma and Miguel inaugurates Uncastillo apartments

They expand the offer with the Pre-Pyrenees Routes website

Dinner service starts at the hotel

Inauguration of El Mirador de Zaragoza I

Inauguration of El Mirador de Zaragoza II

Inma and Miguel begin to look for the generational change with the sale of the hotel


Inma and Miguel have been in charge of the hotel for more than 20 years, a rural establishment located in the heart of the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees that has given them great joys and good friends. The time has not yet come to retire, but both have their sights set on the near future and on ensuring the survival of their small personal project. Far from closing, the couple has decided to continue the business and seek successors to keep alive the illusion that led them two decades ago to undertake this adventure.

It all started in the spring of 1999 in Uncastillo, his hometown. Miguel left his job as a biologist in an engineering and Inma his career as a social worker. The two decided to give a change to their life and bet on a business that they were passionate about. “We have always been very hospitable, we really like to receive friends at home, and we spent some time going around. In addition, we relied totally on the tourist possibilities of Uncastillo, ”says Miguel.

There was a specific episode that definitely encouraged them to take the plunge. ”We made a trip to La Rioja where we met an older couple who had traveled and worked all over the world and who had left their companies for economic and health issues and He had retired to run a rural house. They told us it was their happiest stage. We already had the idea, but that was the trigger”he says.

Since then, they have worked very hard to carry out their project, although, as they themselves recognize, it has been worth it. ”It is a very sacrificed work, especially at the beginning, but we have always taken it with great enthusiasm and we have passed it very good. In addition, we have made friends because there are clients that after so long become friends, ”explains Miguel.

But after more than two decades at the foot of the canyon, the couple has decided to start thinking about when to retire, which will arrive sooner or later. However, they do not want this idea in which they have believed so long to be diluted, so they have decided to find medium-term successors for the business. “” It is something that will come and we want to get ahead. Although we are still 57 and 58 years old, we know that this is a process and we want to take steps to make something happen before reaching 65 ”.

The fundamental requirement for those who take the inn’s witness is that they share the same business philosophy as Inma and Miguel. ”Ideally, a couple would be, and that they be younger than us. The most important thing is that they like the business and that they understand that it is not just a job, it is a way of life. I still have a good time on the first day and it is a very rewarding job. It has to be people who want to, ”says Miguel.

The added advantage, according to the couple, is that their successors will not have to start “from 0”, as they did, but will take a business “underway, totally viable, with much less risk and with a portfolio of clients and a reputation digital demonstrables. ” That does not mean that there is not “much way to go” and that the future managers of the inn have to continue striving to move it forward.

In addition to the pure and hard sale they also propose a “plan B” consisting of the incorporation of workers with entrepreneurial character. These workers would later have the opportunity to take the reins of the business with a rental formula entitled to purchase.

An exceptional environment: Uncastillo is considered “the best Romanesque complex of the twelfth century in Spain”, as the website of the rural establishment points out. In addition, it is very close to the town of Sos del Rey Católico. ”Both are two of the most beautiful villages in Aragon, with many Romanesque churches, castles, walls, Jewish quarters and Renaissance buildings.” Nearby are also some of the most emblematic fortifications of Aragon and Navarra, such as Loarre, Olite or Javier, as well as the Leyre or Oliva monasteries. Not forgetting the Roman past, present in the neighboring city of Los Bañales.

In the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees, natural wealth is another privilege of an area marked by contrast. “In a few kilometers, we can go from the deserted Bardenas Reales Natural Park (in Navarra) to the leafy and mountainous Protected Landscape of the Sierra de Santo Domingo.” The Mallos de Riglos or the Pigalo well are other highlights of the environment. Nature sports activities, in addition to the cultural ones, are one of the great attractions of the area, therefore, Inma and Miguel make their Pre-Pyrenees web page available to the inn’s clients. In it, they show from simple hiking options to do with children, to excursions of several days, as well as cycling and mountain bike routes.

In the middle of this privileged environment, the Posada de Uncastillo seeks to continue being a reference in rural tourism, that which moves away from the noise of the city and that fills the towns of life with the claim of its history and its nature. Here there are no queues or hurry, it is a very close and personal treatment, concludes the couple who has seen the project of his life.

This text belongs to the article written by Ariadna Cañaveras in Heraldo.es


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